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BIO of Carey ORielly, DDS 
Carey O’Rielly DDS has been a practicing dentist for 33 years.  He went to USC Dental School and Duke University for his undergraduate degree.  He grew up in Laguna Beach and now lives in La Costa with his wife Victoria, who runs his office.  
He began his career by owning and operating a network of six offices in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Later he was a dental director for a California insurance company and monitored care for fifty dental offices.  Presently he owns and operates a private holistic practice in North County San Diego’s Encinitas. 
Dr O started looking for solutions to his health challenges that resulted from the stress and environmental toxicity that built up over a ten year period running his dental network. By all accounts  Dr O was extremely health, having a good diet and being a marathon runner.  However, he progressively lost weight, had extreme food sensitivities and heart palpitations, bad enough to drive him into the hospital with chest pains.  When he found what he needed to heal from these health challenges, it changed his life and approach to dentistry forever. Victoria, his wife, also had mercury toxicity from childhood on.  Removing them allowed her to heal and live a normal life again. 
Dr O has dedicated himself to learning about oral systemic problems and how dentistry can make you sick.  He has applied what he has learned over the last twenty years to develop protocols that ensure he, his staff and his patients are protected from the chemicals and toxic materials found in most dental offices.  He has produced an environmentally friendly office that is also peaceful and calm. People often comment that it feels like extended family when they come.  
His philosophy is to ‘First, do no harm.’  He is a strong proponent of a healthy lifestyle and educates people on the connections between dental health and systemic health.  One of the ways he does that is with a HD microscope where he shows each patient what kind of microbes, i.e. bacteria, amoeba, and yeasts like candida are populating the mouth and affecting the body as a whole.  
He is an expert on dental materials having looked at hundreds of biocompatibility lab tests over the years.  Through working with patients with these tests, he has identified the most bio-friendly materials to use in his practice.  This includes using no metals, BPA free and fluoride free ‘white’ fillings, PRF grafting materials which come from the patient, and Zirconia or non-titanium implants. 
Dr. O’Rielly lectures other dentists on the the microbiome in the mouth and hidden infections caused by root canals. He offers dental specific nutrition, high definition phase contrast microscopy and is the author of the Tooth Body Connection series on dentistry and health.  
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Website: https://myholisticdentist.com/

Youtube Page: https://www.youtube.com/user/holisticdds

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Dr O’s practice phone #: 760-632-1304  

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